My Favorite Advise Ever! The Top 10 Tips to Buy Your Own Dream House

If you looking for a shortcut tips on buying a dream house, you better read this article. I am a lifestyle adviser, so when facing the house things (property), i really don’t understand. But, I need to know more about the property because it’s the most important part of our life.

Hope you get the good things from the article below:

dream house

Looking for your dream home? you can do it yourself! Seriously! Often, you choose a home solely based on feeling. Then you have to make another rational decision whether the house is really the right property for you.

Are you still looking for your dream home?

Read the 10 tips buying a dream house below

    1. Buy a home within your financial capabilities: Know what your financial capabilities are before you start your search for a home. If you know in advance of how much you can borrow, you can focus on the ideal home that is within your budget. This prevents disappointments afterwards and unnecessarily heavy mortgage charges.
    2. Always check multiple houses: Always check multiple houses before making your choice. See also homes that may not be your first choice. It is always good to look at various types of houses that are within your price range. This way you can compare the properties well and make sure you make the right choice. Do you want to see a property like a real professional? Checking multiple house also allow you to know which houses that worth to buy. Remember, double check all part installed at there, some material like asbestos will decrease your house value, check the complete asbestos removal Brisbane ( and related material here.
    3. Buy the house you really want: Make a list of your living requirements and needs. Put it in order of importance. You can use the list after a house visit as a convenient checklist. For example: south-facing garden, presence garage, elementary school within walking distance etc.

    1. Make a search for your future home online: Put a search based on your checklist online and subscribe to a property site. This way you will receive new offers that meet your search criteria daily via email.
    2. Check the future possibilities of the house you want to buy: Take note of the possibilities offered by the house. Consider not only your current situation but also future plans. Consider, for example, the possibility of making an expansion there.
    3. Explore the neighborhood: Exploring the neighborhood is also very important. Drive around your dream home in the evening to see how parking is possible and any inconvenience caused by hangover neighbors.
    4. Plan a second visit: Always look at the house for the second time and preferably at another time. The house may be less attractive if the light is very different. Also on the second visit, you will see more details compared to the 1st visit.
    5. Keep your head cool when searching for your dream home: Buying a home is an emotional process. Often we are emotionally involved in a house before we can make a rational decision. Of course, it’s important to let you feel emotional when looking for a house, but be aware of possible thinking errors that may result you in buying a house that is out of your reach or not profitable.
    6. Follow your dream home through the realtor: Once you’ve found your dream home, talk to the realtor whether he keeps you informed of any developments (such as bidding from another party), thus you do not run the risk of the property being sold suddenly.
    7. Get advice from your own relator: Do you have a question about buying a house? For example, do you want to know how to determine the value of a house or advice on negotiating? Then consult it with a realtor. Your realtor handles your interests and not the seller’s interests.

How? hope you find it helpful and keep hunting until you win!

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