Let’s Talks About Your Dog! How To Make A Comfortable House For Your Dog

Keeping a dog is a lifestyle in many countries, yes I agreed, a dog is a good friend!. A few weeks ago, someone asked me some advises about buying a comfortable dog house, then I said “wait”, we can do it by our self on doing dog house renovation. I mean we can make comfortable house for your lovely dog by your hands!! Don’t spend much money on a dog house!

dog house

I just remember, so many cartoon character showing house dog renovation process, so lets do the same thing 😀

I am not an expert adviser, but let’s get started?

First, if you raise a dog in your house, take a good care of your dog. One of the thing that you will need is a proper place for your dog. Your dog will need a house or a place for it to sleep or rest.

Your dog needs a proper place for its own. Cage or dog house is the ideal place for a dog to spend time. Your dog may walk around at home, but what’s the harm if it got its own place.

So, here is some information on how to make a dog house.

To make the dog house, you need to measure the dimensions of a place that is suitable for it. You also need to compare the size of your dog and its house.

Remember: Do not build a house that’s too small or narrow. Your dog will feel claustrophobic. We recommend that you expand the measurement of your dog house. So, it can be more flexible when it move around. The place does not need a lot of loopholes, it will keep your dog house warm.

Once you decide on the size of the house, there are a few things you should know to make the dog house:

  1. Your dog’s cage must have a roof. It will avoid direct sunlight exposure and rain. Here’s the right comparison of the open area and the shelter: 30:70 or 40:60
  2. The house also should be exposed to the morning sunlight. It’s important. If the house gets enough morning sunlight, it will free from fungus or any molds and parasites.
  3. The cage must have sufficient air flow so that your dog will not feel claustrophobic.
  4. At least there is space to move and play. Accessible. It’s crucial. The cage should be easy to access. So, you can easily clean and remove all the dirt from the cage.
  5. When you make the floor, it needs to be sloped slightly so that there are no puddles when it rains, and you can clean it easily.
  6. If you made the floors using cement, you need to make it little rough. It because the floors made from cement will be slippery when it is wet.
  7. Add fabrics above the floor, so that the dog feels warm.
  8. Make sure there are spaces to eat and drink.

If you owned a small dog, you could buy a small cage made of plastic, and you can keep it at home. But for the sake of your dog, when it grew up, you will need a kennel. This way your dog will feel happy because you cared about it. Make sure your dog stays healthy and comfortable in its cage. Do not forget to clean the cage regularly!

The tips above is not so special, but for some people, they didn’t know what they have to do on doing house dog renovation. If you want to learn more advise, just seek the dog adviser at some dog forums such as www.dogforum.com.au


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