The Pros and Cons of Driving a Manual Car

You might know driving a manual car is not really fun in heavy traffic, but it’s depend the driver it self, for me, driving a manual car is still interesting than driving an automatic car. But you’re right, there are still some disadvantages of driving a manual car, here are the disadvantages of driving manual car, based my experiences!

manual car vs cautomatic

Disadvantages and Advantages of Car Manual

If you currently have a desire to buy a new car and you’re in a position of choosing between the manual transmissions or automatic transmission. Then, this article is for you. This article will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of cars that use a manual transmission.

In my opinion, manual cars are suitable for men and automatic cars fit for women. From the look, manual cars transmissions mostly have a sporty and manly design. A manual car certainly has more freedom and flexibility in operating the clutch and controlling the pedal of the car. You will get a better acceleration and stable condition in driving a manual car. The response of the pedal on a manual car is also better than the automatic transmission. Those are some of my opinions.

Let’s start to discuss about this advantages first

1. Better acceleration

A manual transmission car has higher flexibility standard in controlling the clutch and gas pedal. The acceleration is also more responsive than an automatic transmission. An automatic transmission also is usually a bit slow on the first pull.

2. You can do a mechanical engine brake

Using a manual transmission means that you are able to do a thing like an engine braking technique which can reduce the speed of your car by diminishing the transmission gear in the car. For example, when the streets are steep (downhill) you do not have to overuse the brakes. It’s because the engine of your car is capable of keeping your car from moving too fast and this process is called the engine brake.

3. Fuel efficiency

It’s easier to manage and monitor the engine rotation if you drive cars with manual transmission. The use of fuel in your car will also be more efficient than if you drive an automatic car. Automatic cars consume a lot of fuel. So, if you prefer a car with fuel efficiency, then you can go with an automatic car.

4. Easy maintenance

Cars with manual transmission are usually easier to maintain than cars with automatic transmission. Servicing cost of a manual car is also cheaper, the oil of manual car is quite durable so that you do not have to change it all the time, but you can change it periodically.

5. The car prices

Generally, the price of a new type of manual car is lower than a new automatic car. A second manual car also has a return of higher selling prices.

Disadvantages of manual transmission cars

A manual transmission car is known for its hassle and difficult to drive.

a. Tiring: Because using the clutch, when you’re stuck in a traffic jam, you often change the clutch to shift transmission. Our legs will tire easily.

b. It’s hard to drive for beginners: We must organize and control a lot of things such as the clutch, gas pedal, gear, and brake. You need to manage all the parts properly. Otherwise, the car will not run properly.

Conclusions about the manual transmission car

The manual car is suitable for beginners who are learning to drive a car. It’s because when you are fluent in driving a manual car, you’re definitely able to drive an automatic car. If it’s your first car, a manual car suit your needs, it’s affordable and easy to maintain.

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