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For those of you who read the contents of this website, I am as an admin who manage this web want to tell you the important announcements related to the site. Please read in carefully.

First: I have no connection with the previous owner of owner, so if there is any something related to the previous owner of this website, please contact them and please do not contact us.

Next: This site is a personal site, we are not paid and we do not pay anyone to promote on this website. Currently, when this post is published we do not display ads from the third parties, but if in the future we use advertising, any content that Displayed by ad content is out of our responsibility.

Last: This website uses tracking code and cookies. We use the codes to provide visitor data and statistics which interact with our website pages.

If there are any images or content that infringes copyright, please contact us immediately, somewhat we can follow up as soon as possible.

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